Multimedia & Video


Video is getting bigger and bigger on the web and, believe it or not, web-scape has been doing Internet video since the late 1990s. We encoded, hosted and streamed early video shows such as (links may no longer be active);

  • World Business Review ( hosted by General Alexander Haig
  • BTV ( hosted by Taylor Thoen
  • Doppler TV (David Chalk’s first TV show)

We were a very “early adpoter” company and did work with video technology companies such as RealNetworks (Real Media) out of Seattle and Xing Technology Corporation from California (later acquired by RealNetworks). Today the standard for video on websites is Flash in “FLV” format. Most video streams you watch, including YouTube and Google Video use this format.


This is usually delivered as an MP3 but a Flash player is used as the actual player interface. We also can help you produce your own Podcast.